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Thrifty Vintage Kitten is packing her bags and setting sail for the Bahamas for a week of R&R! Like the saying goes, “While the cat is away, the mice will play,” so please ENJOY a shop SALE the entire week I’m gone! Everything is 20% off! Sale starts Monday, October 12 and runs through Friday, October 16. No code needed!




Ooh, boy did I score big time recently! They say when it rains, it pours and this week has been a complete tsunami. It started off with a killer haul of 1940s/1950s little girls’ dresses. Do you see that 1930s blouse down there? Wow.

Vintage 1940s 1950s little girls dresses

I’ve been busy washing and pressing them. Hoping to get them listed soon!


Then I got a call to come see a woman’s house with some vintage clothes and this happened…

Huge haul of 1940s 1950s dresses

Hi! I’m the weird neighbor who is so excited about her vintage haul she lays in it her front yard.


The women who previously owned these garments had the most impeccable taste! She must have been so stylish in her day. I want to go back in time and shop with her. She took the best care of her clothes and kept EVERYTHING. I walked out with more than 100 garments.

I spent the next day assembling a new clothing rack and going through everything to see what I had. In total I have 173 items. There are dresses, and blouses, and skirts…oh my! My dining room is completely overtaken.

Vintage clothing

But that’s not all…

Today I went back. And got more.

Pile of vintage clothes

At one point I opened a closet, uncovered a buried box, and found tons of neatly folded 1940s cotton day dresses! So unreal!

Vintage 1940s 1950s blouses and sweaters

This I call my little box of treasures. Not really sure what’s in here, but I can’t wait to go through everything!

It’s a good thing I have my little assistant to help me. We have LOTS of work ahead of us. Keep your eye on the shop for the most incredible vintage coming. Seriously, guys…my shop has never seen this amount of awesome at one time.

vintage clothes

In the meantime, check out what my shop currently has in stock here.






‘Round these parts, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer. While the weather can be hit or miss, summer bbqs, flip flops, and long days in the sun are on everyone’s mind. In honor of this patriotic holiday, here are some great red, white, and blues in the shop now!


Vintage 1960s patriotic tie-waist cotton blouse

1960s tie-waist cotton blouse


Vintage 1950s white linen midi skirt

1950s white linen midi skirt


Vintage 1960s patriotic ribbon cardigan

1960s patriotic ribbon cardigan


Vintage 1960s patriotic ribbon tank blouse

1960s patriotic ribbon tank blouse


Vintage 1960s navy and white linen dress

1960s navy and white linen dress


Vintage 1960s sailor dress

1960s sailor dress


Vintage 1960s white sundress

1960s white sundress


See something you like? All images are linked, so just click!

Grab your sunnies and let’s jump in the pool! Summer is here!



I poked my head into a little estate sale today and walked out with some really interesting finds.


Vintage clothing finds

My small, but respectable, finds from today’s estate sale.


Let’s zoom in on those killer shoes.

South Pacific hand crafted wooden shoes from 1944

My absolute favorite thing is when there are little notes that come along with my vintage buys. I love learning the history behind items! This note reads, “Handcrafted shoes sent to Amelia Brown (Maver) from the South Pacific during World War II, circa 1944). How cool is that? They are beautifully made with an incredible pagoda scene carved into the heels. The colors are still vibrant too. From some research I did on these shoes I learned that soldiers often brought these back from the war to give to their sweethearts as souvenirs.

Hand carved South Pacific wooden clogs World War II


Underneath all the goodies is a really pretty kimono perfect for lounging around in. I can’t wait to get her all cleaned up and listed for the shop.

 And, never one to pass on adorable baby clothes, I picked up these pretty little outfits. And the best part…they all came with tags with dates! I want to hug that mom and thank her for taking the guesswork out of dating her items!

Vintage baby clothes

Here are the up close images of the baby tags.

Vintage baby clothes with dates

So there’s a little taste of my Friday morning! I’ll be getting these in the shop soon! Stay tuned!

Hope you have a great weekend!