I recently came across this article from the vintage fashion blog, Debutante Clothing, and found it to be a really valuable read.

I feel I price the vintage clothing I sell in my shop really fairly. As a self-described mild shop-a-holic I think pricing is everything. Even a dollar or two can be the deciding factor in whether someone decides to purchase from you. I know it is for me. I recently went to a kids’ clothing pop-up resale shop and, while the clothes were all under $10, I still felt they were overpriced. Pieces that should have cost $3 were priced at $6, and so I didn’t buy them. I easily could have walked away with an armload of goodies, but instead I left with a couple items. Merely a few dollars difference meant a lost sale.

With that said I think this article eloquently points out the amount of work that does go into buying and selling vintage from a shop owner’s perspective, and that should be taken into consideration when buying vintage. As a shop owner, I scour estate sale listings weekly looking for the sales where I will get the most bang for my buck. I  also spend hours washing, drying, and pressing the clothing, hours taking and editing pictures, and hours drafting listings. I do love every single second of it, but it is time consuming.

So take a second and give the article a read. I hope you enjoy it!




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2 Thoughts on “A Must Read For Vintage Buyers

  1. Thanks Christy! I am so glad you liked the post. Lots of vintage dealers had an overwhelming reaction to it. sourcing vintage is hard work. You are right to price accordingly.

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