1957 Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Housekeeping cover, April 1957

I adore looking through old magazines. Talk about a step back in time! Recently I got my mitts on a Good Housekeeping from April 1957. It was only 35¢! The pages smell a little musty and are yellowed, but I don’t mind! With classic article topics like “10 Ways to Look Different” that suggest you “change your dress color” and “point your eyebrows out” to a full-length article asking “To Refreeze or Not to Refreeze?” life just seemed so simple and sweet in the 50s.

But the real prize are the advertisements. Check out these incredibly revealing (and sometimes hilarious!) peaks into the past!

A Kotex “belt”? Oh my god.

Good Housekeeping Kotex ad 1957


Such a pretty bottle of makeup!

1957 Good Housekeeping Makeup ad

Why isn’t there a spray nozzle on the starch bottle? Would you just dump it on?

Vintage 1957 Good Housekeeping Starch Ad Sta-Flo

Underwear sure has come a long way. I’d love to step back in time and shows these ladies a pair of thong underwear. Imagine!

Vintage 1950s underwear ad


Vintage 1957 Good Housekeeping ad Perma-lift Magic Oval Pantie

Compared to today’s makeup this probably isn’t very good, but the pink liquid looks so pretty I want to try some!

Vintage 1957 Good Housekeeping ad Revlon Touch and Glow Makeup

There’s nothing cuter than vintage baby clothes!

Vintage Carter's ad 1957

To think this staple was once “new!” I use this stuff all the time!

Vintage Comet ad 1957


Vintage 1957 Oxydol ad

Aren’t these fun? I’ll probably eventually do another post on some of the articles I found in here. Such a time capsule! Let me know what you think in the comments!



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One Thought on “A Peak Inside a 1957 Good Housekeeping Magazine!

  1. Susan Quimby on 20 January, 2015 at 8:55 am said:

    The products have changed, but it’s the same women doing the same thing–cleaning, ironing, shopping, caring for babies. I’m not complaining, it was just an observation.

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