Lately, I can’t get enough of vintage advertisements. I just love how DIFFERENT they are from today’s ads. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought there was no better time to display some of these wholesome, down-home-feel ads from the days of yore. So grab yourself a turkey leg and check out these vintage gems! Tell me which one is your favorite. I find the cigarette and turkey one hilarious. Mmmm…cigarette-smoke-flavored turkey….NOT. Or how about that Seagram’s ad? I think they are trying to imply drinking is a part of a healthy lifestyle. And I love how they act like only men drink whiskey. LOL…oh, 1940s. You silly little sexist.

(Speaking of Thanksgiving…have you bought that special outfit for yourself or your little girl to wear at the dinner table? I always like to pick out a new outfit for special holidays. Be sure to check out the shop for great vintage dresses for you and your little girl this holiday season!)


Vintage Heinz Beans ad


vintage beer ad

vintage reynolds wrap ad

vintage old gold ad

vintage thanksgiving ad

Vintage thanksgiving ad

vintage thanksgiving ads

Vintage seagrams ads

vintage thanksgiving ad

Vintage ocean spray ad

Are you hungry now? I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. A plate full of turkey, stuffing, corn casserole and a slice (or two) of french silk pie awaits me! numnumnum