Happy Christmas season! Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way we can get down to business. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! In between grabbing the best Black Friday deals, trimming our Christmas tree, and decking out our gingerbread house, I wanted to post some awesome vintage Christmas ads. Christmas shopping is in full effect so in honor of my favorite time of year (shop-a-holics unite) here are some of the best retro-fabulous ads I could round up!

A couple of my favorite lines from these ads…

“A few minutes of the lamp each day on your children will keep their cheeks from looking pale this winter.”

“Crisco. It’s digestible!”

vintage christmas ads you'll shoot your eye out


Vintage Christmas Ad 7UP


Vintage christmas ad Avon


Vintage christmas ad


Vintage christmas ad Hoover


Vintage Christmas ad


vintage christmas ad


Vintage christmas ad Plymouth


vintage christmas ads santa


vintage christmas ads santa smokes


vintage christmas ads swifts


vintage christmas ads


vintage christmas ads schwinn


vintage christmas ads


vintage christmas ads war bonds


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