The holidays are coming! Does your little girl need a new dress for Christmas? Or maybe a new dress for a family photo shoot for your holiday cards? Children’s clothing designers in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s really did it right. The dress shapes are so cute and the designs are so charming. You can’t go wrong with a classic red plaid dress for your holiday celebration. It says preppy, traditional, and adorable all in one breath.

Be sure to pick up one of these vintage frocks from Thrifty Vintage Kitten! All of them will be available in the shop soon! (Bet you’ll even be able to find a one-of-kind look for yourself!)

Vintage Christmas girls dresses



Vintage plaid dresses




Vintage little girls holiday dresses


This is my favorite time of year. Happy holidays!




Finding vintage patterns always makes me wish I knew how to sew. I would love to make all of these!

This week I’ve been busy listing a bunch of vintage patterns in the shop. My favorite one was a 1950s bathing suit pattern that sold out in minutes! Get the rest of these while you can!


Vintage 1950s girls circle skirt pattern

Vintage 1958 Girls jumper pattern

Vintage 1960s girls wardrobe pattern

Vintage 1960s teen shift dress pattern

Vintage 1960s young junior pantjumper

Vintage 1961 Barbie Doll Wardrobe Pattern

Vintage 1976 Barbie and Ken wardrobe pattern

Vintage 1960s Barbie Wardrobe Pattern

There are a lot more patterns in the pattern section of my¬†shop! This is just a small sampling! Please buy these and show me the awesome vintage clothing you’ve made so I can be super jealous of your sewing skills!



Made a last-minute decision to drive out to Naperville for an estate sale today. Glad I did! I walked away with 10 women’s dresses, 20 kids clothing items, 1 women’s skirt, a 1950’s crinoline skirt, and TWO little girls’ crinoline slips! It was like the sale was made for me. Usually I wait outside these things forever and claw my way in. But today I walked right in and had the entire upstairs to myself! Thank you thrifting gods!


Vintage clothing haul


Vintage clothing haul


Now I just have to inventory all these goodies, get them photographed, and get them into the shop for you!