This past weekend I drove out of state to go to an estate sale for what looked to be a promising selection of vintage women’s dresses from the 1940s. Unfortunately, the dresses were scooped up by someone else while I waited in line to get into this very teeny house. What I discovered that made the long trip worth it was a closet FULL of 1950s little girls’ party dresses! Behold…


Vintage baby clothes

This is just a small sample of what I brought home! I came home with 4 bags of vintage kids clothes!



Vintage 1950s baby dresses

So many pretty dresses!



So this is how I spent part of my Saturday night! (After I’d washed all of them!)


Vintage baby dresses

I imagine moms of the 1950s spent most of their time ironing. Puff sleeves and pleats take forever!



Vintage kids clothes are so fun. I find something so irresistibly charming about them, don’t you?

These items will be trickling into the shop a few at a time starting today!



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