Vintage Dress Talon Zephyr

While listing this dress in my shop I realized I had stumbled upon a little bit of history! The tag on the dress reads, “Revolutionary new nylon closure. Talon Zephyr. Virtually snag proof and “self-healing.” If fabric should catch, bend fastener in half and pull apart–zip to bottom and up, Zephyr heals itself.”

So I did some research to learn what this “revolutionary” new technology was they were talking about. Metal zippers were used almost exclusively from the 1940s until 1960 and most often into the ’60s, but in 1960 a company, Talon Inc., introduced the nylon zipper (something we are all very familiar with now!). This dress happens to be one of the early adopters of this “new” technology.

These nylon zippers were not immediately popular, but you will find one from time to time, as I did with this dress. Pretty remarkable to find a dress like this with its tags still attached.

Here are a couple advertisements for the Talon Zephyr:

Talon Zephyr


Talon Zephyr


What I most love about vintage fashion is that each garment is literally a piece of history. When you own a vintage 1960s dress, for instance, you are holding in your hand a piece of the 60s. The world was a completely different place than it is now, and you get a taste of that. When you wear a 1950s prom dress, you are wearing history. Someone who shopped at very different stores than we shop at, who dated boys in a different way than we do now, danced to music we don’t listen to anymore IN THAT DRESS. It’s like a time casual. I’ll never get over how cool that is.

This dress is available in the shop now.



Thrifty Vintage Kitten

Ann B. Davis, known more affectionately as "Alice" from The Brady Bunch

Ann B. Davis, known more affectionately as “Alice” from The Brady Bunch

On Sunday, actress Ann B. Davis, who we all knew as “Alice,” the wise-cracking housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, died. She was 88. The Brady Bunch has become one of the most iconic shows on television. The fashion alone is something to behold. I thought in honor of Alice I would put together a Brady Bunch themed post today. Thrifty Vintage Kitten has lots of vintage dresses for women and kids that the cast of The Brady Bunch would easily have worn on the show! I’m sure they would all be Alice approved!

Let’s start with the girls…

Girls' vintage 1970s dress

Girls’ vintage 1970s dress

Girls mod vintage 1960s jumper dress

Girls mod vintage 1960s jumper dress


Vintage 1960s girls sailing romper

Vintage 1960s girls sailing romper


Vintage 1970s child's jumpsuit

Vintage 1970s child’s red jumpsuit



And now the ladies…

Women's vintage 1960s skort dress

Women’s vintage 1960s skort dress


Women's vintage 1960s Step 'N Go Housedress

Women’s vintage 1960s Step ‘N Go housedress


Vintage women's royal blue 1960s drop waist jumper dress

Vintage women’s 1960s drop waist jumper dress


Women's vintage 1970s denim romper

Women’s vintage 1970s denim romper


Vintage 1960s Hawaiian brady bunch dress

Vintage 1960s Hawaiian dress


vintage womens 1960s hot pink go go dress

Vintage womens 1960s hot pink go go dress

All images are linked.

All of these super fun Brady Bunch-esque dresses are available in the shop now! Be sure to stop by!
















Rompers are HUGE this summer. They are easy to wear (hello not having to pick out matching separates!) and super cute. Just slip them on, grab a pair of flip flops, and you’re set. I love summer clothes. They are so simple! If you’re into the romper trend, but enjoy vintage clothing more than modern clothing, I have the hookup for you. I have a slew of vintage rompers in my inventory!

Today I was photographing my summer stash of rompers and I discovered I had triplets! These 3 sisters (AND MANY MORE) will be coming to the shop soon. I promise you…if you need a vintage romper, I’m your girl. Now go grab your flip flops, a cold drink, and meet me outside. Summer has arrived!





Memorial Day is this weekend which means the unofficial kick off to summer is here! Where I’m from, the weekend is filled with backyard BBQs, a parade, and the first day at the pool! It’s been a LOOOOONG winter in Chicago. We had record lows and record snowfall. (And it just snowed on Friday. In May. MAY!) But I’m ready to put that all past me and jump head first into summer. On Memorial Day wearing red, white, and blue is practically a requirement, so here are a few outfit ideas from Thrifty Vintage Kitten to get you properly patriotic.

Vintage patriotic outfits


All these and MORE can be found at my shop, Thrifty Vintage Kitten



Recently I’ve gotten my hands on a bunch of really pretty garden party dresses. These are perfect for summer weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, luncheons, or any special occasion that warrants a really pretty dress! All all these are available in my shop so grab them while they last!


Vintage garden party dresses







We mustn’t leave out the little girls! They too need their own fabulous garden party dresses!




                     062-DSCF9246       2-DSCF9247

Be sure to check out the shop for all these vintage dresses and more!



Yesterday was a vintage hunting day and it turned out to be a great success! I love days like this. Here are some goodies I found that I’ll be adding to the shop in the coming weeks.


Estate sale

I’m the creeper taking pictures of people waiting outside an estate sale. Hi people I don’t know!


Vintage 1960s dresses

At the first sale I found these beautiful 1960s dresses. Along with a handful more. Expect to see them in the shop soon!


Vintage kids and baby clothes

Also at my first sale I found these adorbs baby and kids vintage clothes. I’m dying over those plaid bellbottoms.


Vintage 1970s prairie dresses

At the 3rd sale I went to I found these beautiful 1970s prairie dresses. So dreamy.


Vintage bellbottoms and dress

And as a complete 180 from the last picture, I also found these groooovy bellbottoms and paisley dress. I mean, come on. You can’t deny those bellbottoms. They are amazing.


If the grey skies of Chicago shape up and give me some sun this week I’ll get all these items photographed and in the shop! Thanks for coming by! Don’t forget to pop over to Thrifty Vintage Kitten and see what I have in stock! Oh and if you’re an Instagram fan (who isn’t?) you can find me HERE. I always post my new listings there (along with some random life shots), so come follow me!








American Hustle

American Hustle may not have the best script, but the fashion alone makes it worth seeing! American hustle fashion

american hustle fashion

american hustle fashion

american hustle fashion

You can get fabulous fashions like these at Thrifty Vintage Kitten. Here are some great looks you can get now!

Vintage 1970s Halter Dress

Vintage 1970s Cocktail Dress

Vintage Lambs Wool Trench

Vintage 1970s Leather Trench

Vintage 1970s sundress

Vintage 1970s Heels

Vintage 1970s Pink Skirt and Crop Top

For all these dresses and more, go here. If you have any trouble finding something, just leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to help you!

Be sure to check out Thrifty Vintage Kitten for a huge selection of vintage clothing for men, women, and children! Always stocked and always new inventory!



Well, hello end of January 2014. A second ago it was mid-December and it was Christmas all up in here and now whoops…here we are at the tail end of January. Hi!

I’ve neglected this space because I’ve been a busy little beaver updating my shop. Lots of really incredible vintage dresses are now available. I hit a landmine of vintage glory a couple of weekends ago and I’m still working on getting them all up in the shop. In the meantime, here is a roundup of the vintage I’ve gotten into the shop this week.


3-2014-01-1914 3-2014-01-197 3-2014-01-193 3-2014-01-1912 3-2014-01-1911 3-2014-01-1918 3-2014-01-1511 3-2014-01-159 3-2014-01-154 3-2014-01-152 3-2014-01-1516 3-2014-01-1515 3-2014-01-1513 3-2014-01-1512 3-2014-01-1518 3-2014-01-1531 3-2014-01-1527 3-2014-01-1524 3-2014-01-1532 3-2014-01-1533 12-DSCF8003 2-DSCF8020 1-DSCF7997 01-DSCF7991All items can be found here.