Yesterday was a vintage hunting day and it turned out to be a great success! I love days like this. Here are some goodies I found that I’ll be adding to the shop in the coming weeks.


Estate sale

I’m the creeper taking pictures of people waiting outside an estate sale. Hi people I don’t know!


Vintage 1960s dresses

At the first sale I found these beautiful 1960s dresses. Along with a handful more. Expect to see them in the shop soon!


Vintage kids and baby clothes

Also at my first sale I found these adorbs baby and kids vintage clothes. I’m dying over those plaid bellbottoms.


Vintage 1970s prairie dresses

At the 3rd sale I went to I found these beautiful 1970s prairie dresses. So dreamy.


Vintage bellbottoms and dress

And as a complete 180 from the last picture, I also found these groooovy bellbottoms and paisley dress. I mean, come on. You can’t deny those bellbottoms. They are amazing.


If the grey skies of Chicago shape up and give me some sun this week I’ll get all these items photographed and in the shop! Thanks for coming by! Don’t forget to pop over to Thrifty Vintage Kitten and see what I have in stock! Oh and if you’re an Instagram fan (who isn’t?) you can find me HERE. I always post my new listings there (along with some random life shots), so come follow me!








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