With all this back-to-school talk, it’s easy to put summer fashion behind us. But I’m not ready to let go. Summer is the most wonderful season of all. And like a crazy ex-girlfriend, I’m going to stalk the hell out of summer until fall comes waltzing in and woos me with all its spooky moons and turkey legs. (Never leave me summer. I love you forever.)

With that said, I had to hurry up and list these dresses before summer is over! All of these are available in the shop!

These dresses are super fun and even if you’ve turned your back on summer and are fully devoted to fall’s plaids, these cuties wouldn’t mind sitting in your closet until next summer.

Vintage 1970s halter maxi dress

Vintage 1970s Halter Maxi Dress

Vintage 1970s Hawaiian maxi dress

Vintage 1970s Hawaiian Maxi Dress

Vintage 1960s House Dress

Vintage 1960s House Dress In Groovy Print

All images are linked.

Happy (end of) summer shopping!





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