I poked my head into a little estate sale today and walked out with some really interesting finds.


Vintage clothing finds

My small, but respectable, finds from today’s estate sale.


Let’s zoom in on those killer shoes.

South Pacific hand crafted wooden shoes from 1944

My absolute favorite thing is when there are little notes that come along with my vintage buys. I love learning the history behind items! This note reads, “Handcrafted shoes sent to Amelia Brown (Maver) from the South Pacific during World War II, circa 1944). How cool is that? They are beautifully made with an incredible pagoda scene carved into the heels. The colors are still vibrant too. From some research I did on these shoes I learned that soldiers often brought these back from the war to give to their sweethearts as souvenirs.

Hand carved South Pacific wooden clogs World War II


Underneath all the goodies is a really pretty kimono perfect for lounging around in. I can’t wait to get her all cleaned up and listed for the shop.

 And, never one to pass on adorable baby clothes, I picked up these pretty little outfits. And the best part…they all came with tags with dates! I want to hug that mom and thank her for taking the guesswork out of dating her items!

Vintage baby clothes

Here are the up close images of the baby tags.

Vintage baby clothes with dates

So there’s a little taste of my Friday morning! I’ll be getting these in the shop soon! Stay tuned!

Hope you have a great weekend!




It’s been awhile since I did a ‘recent arrival’ post. So no delay…let’s get to it! I’m still on a vintage baby clothing kick, so I listed a bunch of great baby and girls’ items this week. My favorite is the ’50s grey suspender skirt down below. I think it so perfectly fits into modern times. So cute. And I scored an awesome brown L’Aiglon day dress too. Such a great label.

I’ll be back next week with more fun things to show you! If you see anything you like, just click on the pictures and you’ll be taken directly to the listing…unless it’s sold out already. You never know how fast something might go! Grab it while you can!


Vintage 1950s L'Aiglon cotton day dress

Vintage 1950s L’Aiglon day dress



Vintage 1950s Bobbie Brooks wool pencil skirt

Vintage 1950s Bobbie Brooks wool pencil skirt



Vintage 1960s girls or very petite womens drop waist dress

Vintage 1960s girls’ (or very petite womens’) drop waist dress


Vintage 1960s "The Villager" red wool a-line skirt

Vintage 1960s “The Villager” red wool a-line skirt


Vintage newborn baby layette gown

Vintage newborn baby layette gown


Vintage 1960s girls' 5T navy and white dress

Vintage 1960s girls’ 5T mod navy and white dress


Vintage 1950s girls 6X Betty Winkle hunting dog blouse

Vintage 1950s girls’ Betty Winkle hunting dog blouse / 6X


Vintage 1950s girls' suspender skirt

Vintage 1950s girls’ suspender skirt–SOLD OUT!


Vintage 1960s girls' 6x mod navy blue overcoat

Vintage 1960s girls’ 6X mod overcoat




It’s FRIDAY! How did we get here so fast? When I used to work in an office the days would crawl by, but now that I work from home they zip by! So here we are again for another weekly roundup of all the newly added vintage to Thrifty Vintage Kitten.

This week I added an eclectic assortment of styles to the shop. No real theme this week…just a bunch of pretty items for you!  See something you like or want more info? Just click on the picture!

(Check out the 40s pink rayon dress below. It’s seriously the sweetest thing I’ve ever listed. If it’s possible to be in love with a dress, consider me a goner.)


Vintage 1950s pink baby snowsuit and bonnet

1950s pink baby snowsuit and bonnet


Vintage 1960s paisley cut-out dress

1960s paisley cut-out dress



Vintage 1960s morning dew floral rayon dress

1960s MORNING DEW floral rayon dress



1960s GOLDEN FLOWERS rayon dress

1960s GOLDEN FLOWERS rayon dress



1950s evergreens supper club wool dress




1950s dapper day dress

1950s DAPPER DAY dress



1960s california sunshine silk dress

1960s CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE silk dress



1930s DIZZY WITH A DAME knit dress

1930s DIZZY WITH A DAME knit dress



Vintage 1940s forever young pink rayon dress

1940s FOREVER YOUNG rayon dress



Vintage 1960s barstool wisdom linen dress

1960s BARSTOOL WISDOM linen dress


Have a fabulous weekend, Thrifty Vintage Kittens! See you next week!

As always, if you have a question about any of the items you see or anything vintage-related, just drop me a note!



This past weekend I drove out of state to go to an estate sale for what looked to be a promising selection of vintage women’s dresses from the 1940s. Unfortunately, the dresses were scooped up by someone else while I waited in line to get into this very teeny house. What I discovered that made the long trip worth it was a closet FULL of 1950s little girls’ party dresses! Behold…


Vintage baby clothes

This is just a small sample of what I brought home! I came home with 4 bags of vintage kids clothes!



Vintage 1950s baby dresses

So many pretty dresses!



So this is how I spent part of my Saturday night! (After I’d washed all of them!)


Vintage baby dresses

I imagine moms of the 1950s spent most of their time ironing. Puff sleeves and pleats take forever!



Vintage kids clothes are so fun. I find something so irresistibly charming about them, don’t you?

These items will be trickling into the shop a few at a time starting today!



Is it just me or is the build up to Christmas better than the actual day? I’m not at all religious, so the holiday doesn’t take on any religious significance for me, but it does ignite feelings of snowy nights, warm fires in the fireplace, decorating the house with my family, and twinkling lights all over the neighborhood. The entire month of December is one big cozy hug for me. So when the actual day comes and goes, I’m left feeling a little…empty. Anyone else?

Either way, I’m going to continue on with my Christmastime is Awesome Time until I crash and burn December 26. So with that, I present you with my latest holiday-themed post. I was sitting here, laptop on lap, with my Christmas tree staring me square in the face, when I thought…I want to see how people of yesterday decorated their trees! I love looking at old photographs, especially of the 40s and 50s. So here are a bunch of cat vomit-inducing tinsel trees coming at ya!

1940s Christmas tree

8 7 6 5 4 Vintage christmas tree 2

A Christmas Story

The ultimate humilation


My husband would strongly disagree, but I think the BEST Christmas movie out there is A Christmas Story, hands down. I watch it every year (sometimes more than once) and the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same for me without it. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that makes it so amazing. The story takes place in the 1940s and that’s one of the hooks for me. That shouldn’t be surprising. I run a vintage shop, afterall. Of course I’d gravitate toward a movie that takes place back from where my clothes originated!

Besides that, the story is really charming. I love movies that are narrated. Ralphie, the main character who’s a young boy, narrates the story as an adult. He is someone everyone can identify with. He’s adorable, and young, and crafty. He gives us a glimpse into his life for a short period of time during the Christmas season. If not for the story, the clothing, home decor, and outside shots are authentic and charmingly vintage.

Below are some screenshots of the best scenes!

“I double dog dare you!”

A christmas story





“Fra-gee-lay.” It must be Italian.”

A christmas story


“Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double beatloaf, I hate meatloaf!”

 A christmas story



“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

A christmas story

“Deck the harrs with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra.”

A christmas story

A christmas story

A christmas story

If you’re one of the few that haven’t seen this movie, you MUST see it. It’s charming and silly and such a crowd favorite!

Happy holidays!