Vintage Dress Talon Zephyr

While listing this dress in my shop I realized I had stumbled upon a little bit of history! The tag on the dress reads, “Revolutionary new nylon closure. Talon Zephyr. Virtually snag proof and “self-healing.” If fabric should catch, bend fastener in half and pull apart–zip to bottom and up, Zephyr heals itself.”

So I did some research to learn what this “revolutionary” new technology was they were talking about. Metal zippers were used almost exclusively from the 1940s until 1960 and most often into the ’60s, but in 1960 a company, Talon Inc., introduced the nylon zipper (something we are all very familiar with now!). This dress happens to be one of the early adopters of this “new” technology.

These nylon zippers were not immediately popular, but you will find one from time to time, as I did with this dress. Pretty remarkable to find a dress like this with its tags still attached.

Here are a couple advertisements for the Talon Zephyr:

Talon Zephyr


Talon Zephyr


What I most love about vintage fashion is that each garment is literally a piece of history. When you own a vintage 1960s dress, for instance, you are holding in your hand a piece of the 60s. The world was a completely different place than it is now, and you get a taste of that. When you wear a 1950s prom dress, you are wearing history. Someone who shopped at very different stores than we shop at, who dated boys in a different way than we do now, danced to music we don’t listen to anymore IN THAT DRESS. It’s like a time casual. I’ll never get over how cool that is.

This dress is available in the shop now.



Thrifty Vintage Kitten

Ann B. Davis, known more affectionately as "Alice" from The Brady Bunch

Ann B. Davis, known more affectionately as “Alice” from The Brady Bunch

On Sunday, actress Ann B. Davis, who we all knew as “Alice,” the wise-cracking housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, died. She was 88. The Brady Bunch has become one of the most iconic shows on television. The fashion alone is something to behold. I thought in honor of Alice I would put together a Brady Bunch themed post today. Thrifty Vintage Kitten has lots of vintage dresses for women and kids that the cast of The Brady Bunch would easily have worn on the show! I’m sure they would all be Alice approved!

Let’s start with the girls…

Girls' vintage 1970s dress

Girls’ vintage 1970s dress

Girls mod vintage 1960s jumper dress

Girls mod vintage 1960s jumper dress


Vintage 1960s girls sailing romper

Vintage 1960s girls sailing romper


Vintage 1970s child's jumpsuit

Vintage 1970s child’s red jumpsuit



And now the ladies…

Women's vintage 1960s skort dress

Women’s vintage 1960s skort dress


Women's vintage 1960s Step 'N Go Housedress

Women’s vintage 1960s Step ‘N Go housedress


Vintage women's royal blue 1960s drop waist jumper dress

Vintage women’s 1960s drop waist jumper dress


Women's vintage 1970s denim romper

Women’s vintage 1970s denim romper


Vintage 1960s Hawaiian brady bunch dress

Vintage 1960s Hawaiian dress


vintage womens 1960s hot pink go go dress

Vintage womens 1960s hot pink go go dress

All images are linked.

All of these super fun Brady Bunch-esque dresses are available in the shop now! Be sure to stop by!
















1960s hippie flower children

How awesome is that yellow and orange floral head wreath?

The flower children of the 60s made undeniable fashion statements. And their presence made a huge impact on our culture. They influenced music, art, fashion, and even politics. The height of the hippie was probably during the most notable concert in history. In August of 1969, The Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held in New York. More than 500,000 people came to hear what would become some of the most iconic music known today. It wasn’t long though before peace, love, and maxi skirts faded out of popularity to make way for disco and punk.

So to honor that legendary era, I present you with some of the best finds my shop, Thrifty Vintage Kitten, has to offer. Putting together a hippie costume is super fun! Braid your hair, throw on some peace signs, and nab up one of these far out garments, and you’ll be nothing short of groovy, man.

Vintage 1960s maxi dresses

1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here

Vintage hippie skirts

5. Here 6. Here

 1960s Woodstock Fashion

7. Here 8. Here 9. Here 10. Here

Have fun channeling your inner love child! Peace!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of Halloween costume ideas for the vintage fan! Stay tuned!




Each day this week I’ll be posting a collection of vintage costume ideas from my shop, Thrifty Vintage Kitten!

Mad Men costume Don and Betty Draper

My husband and me as Don and Betty Draper, Halloween 2010. This was the very first vintage dress I bought!

It’s October 1st and by the looks of all the Halloween decorations popping up on the houses in my neighborhood, I’d say it’s time to start Halloween costume shopping! Thrifty Vintage Kitten is stocked FULL of vintage dresses that would make awesome Halloween costumes. I know back in 2010, before I even owned a vintage clothing shop, or actually even really knew what Etsy was, I was on a hunt for a vintage 50s housewife dress so I could go as Betty Draper. I searched high and low through every thrift store I could find, but I came up empty handed. Little did I know all the best stuff I was looking for existed right on Etsy! I ended up finding a pretty dress (shown above) but I did overpay. You won’t have that problem at Thrifty Vintage Kitten! My shop has great prices and an incredible inventory.

So to start off this week’s series, I present you with Mad Men-inspired looks. (Or have you seen the new series from Showtime, Masters of Sex? Whoa. All I can say.) These garments would all fit into that era perfectly!

Vintage Mad Men Costumes1.Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here

1960s cocktail dresses

5. Here 6. Here 7. Here


1960s wiggle dresses


8. Here 9. Here 10. Here 11. Here

Tomorrow I’ll be back with 1950s costumes! Want to go as a character from Leave it to Beaver? A Hitchcock film, maybe? Or The Honeymooners? I’ve got you covered!