Vintage Dress Talon Zephyr

While listing this dress in my shop I realized I had stumbled upon a little bit of history! The tag on the dress reads, “Revolutionary new nylon closure. Talon Zephyr. Virtually snag proof and “self-healing.” If fabric should catch, bend fastener in half and pull apart–zip to bottom and up, Zephyr heals itself.”

So I did some research to learn what this “revolutionary” new technology was they were talking about. Metal zippers were used almost exclusively from the 1940s until 1960 and most often into the ’60s, but in 1960 a company, Talon Inc., introduced the nylon zipper (something we are all very familiar with now!). This dress happens to be one of the early adopters of this “new” technology.

These nylon zippers were not immediately popular, but you will find one from time to time, as I did with this dress. Pretty remarkable to find a dress like this with its tags still attached.

Here are a couple advertisements for the Talon Zephyr:

Talon Zephyr


Talon Zephyr


What I most love about vintage fashion is that each garment is literally a piece of history. When you own a vintage 1960s dress, for instance, you are holding in your hand a piece of the 60s. The world was a completely different place than it is now, and you get a taste of that. When you wear a 1950s prom dress, you are wearing history. Someone who shopped at very different stores than we shop at, who dated boys in a different way than we do now, danced to music we don’t listen to anymore IN THAT DRESS. It’s like a time casual. I’ll never get over how cool that is.

This dress is available in the shop now.



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