Halloween is next week, but there’s still time to order your Halloween costume from Thrifty Vintage Kitten! There are lots of awesome retro Halloween costume ideas out there and the shop if full of dresses to make your costume epic. For example…

You want to go as a Mad Men character…

Vintage 1960s mad men dress

Vintage Mad Men dress

Or, a 1950s June Cleaver…

Vintage 1950s dress

1950s housewife dress

Or, Daphne Blake from 1969’s Scooby Doo…

Vintage 1960s dress

1960s Scooby Doo costume

Or, Marilyn Monroe from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…

1960s long cocktail dress

1960s Marilyn Monroe

Or, Olivia Wilde’s character, Suzy Miller, in “Rush”…

Vintage 1970s pimp coat

Suzy Miller coat from “Rush”

Or, Jackie Kennedy…

Vintage 1960s Jackie Kennedy costume

Jackie Kennedy costume

Or, a Masters of Sex character…

Masters of Sex costume

Masters of Sex character costume


The shop has them all, plus lots of other ideas! All images are linked. Happy Halloween! I’d love to hear your Halloween costume ideas! Post them below!







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