Made a last-minute decision to drive out to Naperville for an estate sale today. Glad I did! I walked away with 10 women’s dresses, 20 kids clothing items, 1 women’s skirt, a 1950’s crinoline skirt, and TWO little girls’ crinoline slips! It was like the sale was made for me. Usually I wait outside these things forever and claw my way in. But today I walked right in and had the entire upstairs to myself! Thank you thrifting gods!


Vintage clothing haul


Vintage clothing haul


Now I just have to inventory all these goodies, get them photographed, and get them into the shop for you!



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2 Thoughts on “Today’s vintage haul

  1. That was quite a shopping spree you did over there. Are those the items you bought in the photos? I love shopping for items on sale. Looking forward to our shopping spree this weekend with my friend. We are going to shop around for vintage stuff. I’m excited!

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