What is Vintage Clothing?

Welcome to “What is Vintage Clothing?” This is a site to help you navigate the amazing world of all things vintage.

Vintage clothing is quickly becoming the latest fashion trend. More and more fashionistas are opting to wear one-of-kind vintage items, rather than mass-produced current store-bought fashions. Wearing vintage is eco-friendly and budget friendly! So what exactly is vintage clothing?

Vintage clothing is a term used to describe clothing that is between 20 and 100 years old.  Most clothing produced between 1920 and the late 1970s is considered vintage by most dealers, but some will extend this cut-off date to the mid-1980s. Clothing that was produced before 1920 is considered antique.

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So, after that text book definition of vintage clothing, let’s get real. Here’s a little about me and what I do…

A couple things lead me to open up my own vintage shop. First, I started watching Mad Men and found myself completely enthralled with the clothing and set design. I wondered where they got those clothes. Did the costumers buy them somewhere or did they make them? Where did they get all those amazing décor pieces? I thought about what it would be like to be a housewife in the 1960s when things seemed simpler and the fashion was so different from today. Petticoats, dresses, jewelry! Nowadays it’s nearly acceptable to wear pajamas to the mall! (I’ll never do that).

 Second, I found myself drawn to a lot of blogs that seemed to embrace a hipster-like culture. The bloggers and their children were featuring themselves wearing thrifted vintage clothing. They looked cool and unique and hip. So many of us are struggling to make ends meet that we can’t afford to go to the mall and buy the clothes there. American families were coming up with new ways to cut corners. Save money…shop at a thrift store. It’s cheaper, eco-friendly, and gives your closet a unique face lift.

 Third, I discovered Etsy. A friend of mine told me about a site where she was thinking about selling handmade jewelry. I checked it out and fell in love with the site. It was user friendly, pretty, and housed a lot of vintage shops. The mini entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity. I always said, if I could make a career out of shopping, I would!

 There’s something so incredibly exciting about rummaging through old stuff. It’s like a treasure hunt for me. Each time I walk through the doors of an estate sale, I’m giddy over the possibility of what lies ahead. Sixties dresses? Dusty clocks? Your grandma’s old handbags? YES! YES! YES!

 Wearing vintage is about celebrating what was and making it your own. So many of us feel like we were born a little too late. Personally, if I had been a teenager in the 80s I would have rocked the hell out of some Aqua Net and ripped jeans. Just sayin’.


 I’ve always loved a good deal. I’ve always loved shopping. I’ve always loved hunting for the perfect outfit. By owning an online vintage shop, I’ve been able to add up all the things I love to do into one. Thrifty Vintage Kitten is my passion.

 At Thrifty Vintage Kitten you’ll find the coolest retro vintage women’s and men’s clothing, baby clothing, and housewares. I spend lots of time combing estate sales, thrift stores and  garage sales for the most rockin’ stuff. I have about 100 items in my shop now and I’m always adding more! Come say hi!





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2 Thoughts on “What is Vintage Clothing?

  1. yvone jack on 25 January, 2014 at 9:34 pm said:

    I have some baby gril clothes from 1960 that are from Hawaii. How do I find out what if anything thy are worth?

    • ThriftyVintageKitten on 7 February, 2014 at 3:50 pm said:

      Hi Yvone,
      You could try searching on Etsy for similar items to see if they are found in any other shops…that might give you an idea. I would think as long as they are in good condition, vintage baby clothes from Hawaii would be cool!

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